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R. Laima & Mushkie Barber

Dovid & Dorith Blachman

Nosson and Sternie Blumes & family

R. Asher & Faigy Bronstein

Yosef Chaim & Chani Brook

A Chosid in Buenos Aires, לברכה והצלחה בגו"ר

Dr. Stuart & Sheina Cagen

A Grateful Jew in Canada

Shluchim in South Africa

Anonymous Chasid

Zalman & Frady Chein

Jonny Cohen

Max & Leah Cohen

Zalmy & Raizy Cousin

David & Shoshana Deitz

Levi & Chayle Eckhaus

R. Asher & Henya Federman

Avi & Julie Feinberg

Rabbi Gershon & Dvorah Leah Felberbaum

R. Shlomo & Bracha Friedman

Avraham & Tzivia Friedman

Dr. Yaakov & Shoshanah Ganjian

Menachem Mendel ben Rivkah

Rabbi Yosef & Miriam Gopin

Rabbi Yossi & Esti Greenberg

Ari & Naomi Greenwald

Tuvia & Hindy Greisman

Josh & Divi Greisman

Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig

Avid Fan of Here's My Story

Chabad of Irvine

Your fans from Joburg!

Peter & Esti Kalms

Alexander & Vlada Karelin

Chabad of Downtown Los Angeles

Rabbi Sholom Ber and Chani Levitin

Rabbi Moshe Meir & Penina Lipszyc

Chanie & Leibi Marozov

Rabbi Yossi & Estie Marosov

In honor of the Rebbe's Shluchim to the Mother City

Montreal Torah Center

Rabbi Dov & Racheli Muchnik

Rabbi Dovid and Sara Chana Mundshein

Shliach & Shlucha from NJ

Yisroel & Miriam Paltiel

Shlomo & Michal Peles

The Pershin family, honoring the JEM staff's tireless work

Chabad of Plano

Dr. Alexander & Leah Poltorak

Rabbi Mayer & Henny Preger

Proud Sponsor of the My Encounter project!

Esriel and Gitty Rappoport

Yaakov & Avigayil Rosenblatt and Family

Michael Rosenfeld

R. Shua & Sara Rosenstein

Koby & Rivka Saidof - לע״נ שמחה בת שלמה

Gershon and Chana Rachel Schusterman

Anonymous Shliach

Anonymous Shliach, in honor of the Rebbe

Rabbi Yisroel & Devorah Shmotkin

Ari & Malky Sperlin

Dr. Arye & Sheryl Steiner

Faithful Fans at Chabad of Tidewater

R. Yehuda & Leah Tiechtel

R. Moishe & Shoshana Traxler

Michael & Ricki Verbitsky

Rabbi Pinchos & Nechama Dina Vishedsky

Rabbi Levi & Chanie Wolff

Rabbi Hirschy & Elkie Zarchi

In Loving Memory of Aharon ben Sholom & Basya bas Moshe

לעילוי נשמת חנה בת ישראל

לע״נ יהודה לייב בן ר׳ מרדכי ז״ל, איטא בת ר׳ שלמה ז״ל

שליח הרוצה בעילום שמו

Save the Stories

JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe testimonies are having a uniquely personal impact on millions worldwide.

It is so vital that we save these stories. The clock is ticking. Every day, powerful firsthand memories drift away.

These stories are our stories. As someone who has been inspired by the My Encounter stories, please partner with us to save thousands more precious untold stories. Together, let’s continue to inspire ourselves, our children and the world!

Join us TODAY to fund this vital project and put it back on track!


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